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Prestashop versions : 1.6 1.7 8.x
Thirty Bees versions : 1.3 1.4
Premium Support : 6 months
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No more spam on your Prestashop store !

The module protects the forms of your store
against any malicious use.

Tired of spam

Whether it's spam on the contact form, or spam on the registration form, they make you lose a lot of time every day.

Also, this spam is very dangerous, because the IP associated to your Prestashop store may be blacklisted by Internet providers and webmails (Gmail, Yahoo, ...). Your customers will not receive the emails sent by your store (order confirmation email, registration email ...).

Protect forms - Anti Spam module uses the powerful reCAPTCHA v3 service to effectively block all spam.

On-demand loading

It is important to minimize friction for real customers.

Setting up a captcha like reCaptcha service is annoying to customers and can bring down your conversion rate!

Our team of developers has implemented a powerful on-demand loading system for the reCaptcha service. This results in zero friction for 95% of all real customers.

Your conversion rate is preserved.


Optimized for SEO

The reCaptcha service is known to kill the PageSpeed score of your Prestashop store.
This score is now taken into account by search engines for SEO.
When loading the page, reCaptcha extends the Total Blocking Time metric up to 800%!

Thanks to the on-demand loading provided by the module, the SEO of your store is preserved.

No more typos

The module integrates the verification of the input of email addresses.

If a customer makes a typo on his email address during registration, a message is automatically displayed inviting him to check his email address.

A correction is suggested.

Your after-sales service is less requested.

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