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Advanced Payment Rules

Advanced Payment Rules allows you to easily manage the payment methods of your PrestaShop store.

You can enable or disable a payment method, apply a fee or discount according to the payment method used by your customers.

A very profitable Module

The module is paid back very quickly, just after few orders.

Surcharge payment Prestashop

Surcharge and Discounts

The module allows you to add an additional fee or discount depending on the payment method selected by your customer. So you can add a paypal surchage for orders paid with Paypal.

The fee or reduction can be a formula :
2.1% of the total order + a fixed fee of $0.35

The fee or reduction can be a fixed amount : for example $2.90

The fee or discount can be a percentage of the order : for example 3.20%

Advanced payment rules

Thanks to its flexibility and the many combinations offered, the module allows you to define your payment rules according to your needs. The module supports the following conditions :

Amount of the order
Product category, product, supplier
Postal code, country and area (zone)

For example, you can display a payment method if the amount of the order is more than 100€.

Payment methods Prestashop
Paypal surcharge Prestashop

Clear for you and your customers

The module will display in your customer's shopping cart the additional charge or discount depending on the payment method selected.

The total amount of the order will be automatically recalculated

The charges or discounts will be displayed in the cart summary and in the invoice

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