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Prestashop versions : 1.6 1.7 8.x
Thirty Bees versions : 1.3 1.4
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Numbers format

Set the format for your invoice numbers, order numbers by combining letters, numbers, symbols and tags.

The module supports many tags like
{ORDER_ID} : ID of the order
{CUSTOMER_ID} : ID of the customer
{SHOP_ID} : ID of the store
{YYYY} : Numeric representation of the year, 4 digits


Reset numbers every year

Set up the counter so that your numbers stick to your need.

Reset counter every year (for example 01/01), every month or at a specific date

Reset the counter when a value is reached

Set a starting value for your numbers to be in line with your accounting, to avoid your competitors (or customers) to know the volume of your sales


You can isolate or share the numbering configuration for each store.

You can also share counters between each store

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Reactive agency with which we have worked several times for Prestashop modules. We and our customers are very satisfied :-)

Aussert Malorie
Aussert Malorie

Great team of developers! Quality work and in case of big problem, even not coming from their developments, always available to save the day.

Cakelicious Shop
Cakelicious Shop

What is here important to mention - great idea for functionality - flawless implementation of that, with exemplary source code Top.

Julius Bajzik
Julius Bajzik

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