Prestashop : Raise the shipping cost by 10%

To increase the shipping cost by 10% on your prestashop store quickly and easily.

Carriers often apply a fuel surcharge.
We will see how to apply a fuel surcharge to a carrier on your Prestashop store.

First, please install Advanced Shipping cost Plus module on your Prestashop ecommerce store.
  • From your Prestashop backoffice, click on Shipping menu then Advanced Shipping cost
  • Click on Add new rule button on top right.
  • Give a name to your rule, then set a large value in Priority say 100.
    A rule with a priority of 1 will be executed before a rule of priority of 100.
  • Then, click on Actions tab, select Formula and enter the following formula : shipping * 1.10

Advanced Shipping cost Plus module allows you to define your delivery costs according to your needs, thanks to its flexibility and the many combinations offered.