Migration of the module "Options, Fees and Discounts, Shipping Cost" to "Advanced Options and Fees"

The name of the old module is : Options, Fees and Discounts, Shipping Cost
This module is no longer available.

The new module "Advanced Options and Fees" is replacing this module however there is some points to take into considerations :

- The module has been completely rewritten on a clean basis. This one is optimized, fast and easier to use.

- It is not compatible with the old module : So you need to disabled (not uninstall) the old one before installing the new one

- The module only supports options and fees, not shipping cost : So if you defined shipping cost rules in the old module, it will no longer work. To manage shipping cost on prestashop, we recommend this module :

Advanced Shipping cost Plus

- The new module is compatible with Prestashop 1.7.x and 8.x