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Secure your store Admin

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Secure and protect your shop and backend logins with the Yubikey One-Time-Password device.

1.6 & 1.7

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Follow best practices of physical market on e-commerce!

Today, any merchant protects his physical store, in addition to its key, with another way of gaining access as a digital code or fingerprint scanner. The advantage is twofold : securing the store by avoiding intrusions and protecting against loss of key. This method is called : two-factor authentication (key + digital code). It can be more factors, it depends on the  security policy chosen by the merchant.

What appears obvious to a physical store, is less for an online store.

Email / password is more and more associated with another access control as the USB Yubikey. This strong USB device, developed by Yubico, generates an unique token (called One-Time-Password) each time you press the button on the USB stick.
If a hacker - or your competitor ;) - manage to get your email / password, it couldn't connect without the Yubikey. Same, if you lose your Yubikey.

The  Secure your store Admin module protect your PrestaShop online store and connections (or those of your employees) on your Back Office with Yubikey.

With this easy to use module, you can manage multiple authentication methods based on security policy that sticks to your business :

  • Email address + Password + Yubikey OTP
  • Password + Yubikey OTP
  • Your employees can manage their own Yubikeys