Efficiency for the success of your project


An idea grows

During this meeting, over coffee, you share with us your needs and goals and we discuss your project together.


Feasibility study

If the project is technically feasible and coherent with your company’s strategy and means, we will send you a summary e-mail including a quote and a first draft of the project roadmap.

Pre Processing

Soaking up your culture

During this immersion phase within your company, we take a careful look at its operations, at the interactions which govern it, at its problems, and at the feedbacks and ideas of your employees and collaborators.


Defining your architecture

From all of these elements, we select the most appropriate technologies and design your application in a way that ensures that it is efficient, ergonomic and dynamic. We use design patterns to ensure that your application is both reusable and easy to maintain.
We define together the priorities that the project must meet.


Cyclic and dynamic development

Each cycle includes goals, unit testing and a deadline.
On the one hand, this process allows for a gradual development of the application with a rapid delivery of a prototype that you can evaluate and, on the other hand, for a more efficient management. In addition, this closeness between us facilitates the future appropriation of the application by your employees.

Cyclic dev

Harvest the fruits of your project

You will not find words strong enough to express your satisfaction… Another coffee?