The best talents for successful companies

The use of computers and mobile devices is continuing to grow worldwide, especially in the workplace. The fact that e-commerce has revolutionized our methods of consumption is also a proven fact. This was only made possible through mobile and web technologies, which occupy a vital spot within companies.

Any competitive company must include efficient, rigorous and responsive developers in order to ensure its survival and sustainability.

Our mastery of web and mobile technologies + our experience = successful recruitment

motionSeed will help you in composing your team of developers, at each step of your recruitment process.



Make sure that the candidate has the technical knowledge necessary to meet the job requirements.


Put the candidate in a professional situation in order to check their efficiency in a given situation in an objective manner.
Tests of skill



Follow-up on the integration of the new developer into your company during the entire trial period via regular meetings.


Transfer the knowledge bases on emerging technologies through training sessions.
Tips for web and mobile development